Western Thermal Ltd was formed in 1985 to offer Thermal Insulation to the Building Services Industry and to the Industrial Sector of the market. We have been long ranked among the market leaders in the sectors which it operates, such as thermal insulation, noise control and fire-protection.


Many years of experience and expertise and an increased emphasis on basic and advanced training as well as certification to ISO 9001; guarantee superb quality engineering work from supply to execution of work on site. To keep general costs on site as low as possible, commercial and administrative services are performed centrally via our Head Office at Stroud in Gloucestershire

Our primary business is within the thermal insulation sector within the UK however since we have expanded our business into ventilation, being one of the few in the country to be approved to install the Koolduct system, passive fire-protection and fire cladding. We believe in this day and age using energy sparingly conserves the Earth’s natural resources. The reduction in harmful emissions thus achieved plays a significant part in reducing environmental pollution.

Of substantial importance in these considerations, which are of such significance for the protection of the environment is the technology of thermal insulation in the generation, transfer and use of energy. Properly designed insulation reduces energy consumption, lowers production costs and extends the service life of production plant. The basis of efficient energy saving lies in exact knowledge Western Thermal therefore maintain close contact with the planners and engineers at the customer end right from the project development stage to enable them to offer appropriate solutions. Western Thermal bring to bear their own developments, procedures and designs in order to meet the increasing demands dictated by economic pressures and even stricter environmental protection regulations.

Pioneering achievements in the use of thermal insulation systems as well as removable and re-usable insulation constructions underline the innovative skills and abilities of our specialists. One of these services is the manufacture and installation of insulation jackets using the latest thermal efficient materials combined with Velcro fastenings making their covers very economic to the end user.