The use of trace heating within buildings is now common place. Ranging from schools and hospitals to oil refineries.


Used to provide constant hot water or to protect pipes from frost in the winter. Trace heating, often a small but vital part of a much larger project can now be integrated with the insulation package.

Although the trace heating component is often a very small part of the project, it is complex and requires skilled experts to design and install the system to ensure that quality is not compromised.

Electrical heating systems installed according to customer specifications, whilst ensuring compliance to the applicable national and international standards on site.

Western Thermal Ltd offer high-quality, reliable and cost-effective heating solutions.
Its electrical heating systems are the best customer choice among the wide variety available.

To ensure that the right trace heating system is being used for the project, we consider several factors:

  • The specification the end product has to meet.
  • The standards that have to be met.
  • Area Classification and hazards associated with it.
  • The Control System that is needed.
  • Installation methods.
  • The financial considerations of creating and implementing.


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Western Thermal Ltd provide electrical heat tracing systems for use in commercial, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and power, industries.

Western Thermal Ltd range of heat tracing systems includes:

  • Self-limiting heating cables
  • Flexible resistant series heating cables
  • Metal-sheathed resistant series heating cables
  • Connection components and other equipment

Combined with the insulation services we offer, Western Thermal Ltd can provide you with the complete protection package.