Traditionally on construction sites ventilation systems are installed as metal ducting, then are generally insulated at a second visit, this two part process is time consuming and costly.


Kingspan Koolduct is a revolutionary ducting system. Why is the Koolduct System a revolutionary approach? It’s a comprehensive system. Along with the materials necessary to build high-specification ductwork, the system includes all the custom tools and machinery to efficiently fabricate every job and the specialised training to ensure our rigorous quality standards are maintained. Specifying the Koolduct System assures a premium ductwork installation built with high quality materials—every time. And it’s a proven system, used on high-profile projects worldwide for over three decades.


koolduct_bigThis system is a high performance, pre-insulated air ducting system, using Zero ozone depletion phenolic board, specifically designed for the demanding requirements of the commercial and light industrial sectors. It offers many competitive advantages over conventional sheet metal ductwork systems including 10-20% total installed cost savings, depending on the project. The Koolduct System resolves many common design issues such as weight, space, installation time and energy performance.
With constraints on time, cost and space becoming more stringent, the ability to provide a leading solution for insulated duct projects is paramount. The Koolduct system, provides a seamless air tight duct which is 15% of the weight of metal and smaller in size for the comparable insulated metal work.
Western Thermal is an approved Koolduct manufacturer and installer bringing years of experience with working with phenolic boards to the market place.



John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford

Western Thermal has always been at the forefront in development of new systems for the construction industry; and when we were asked to be involved with Kingspan’s new Koolduct system we jumped at the chance.
Western Thermal were asked to use the new system on John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford. The roof systems configuration did not lead toward using traditional galvanised systems and insulation – Koolduct became the answer.
Working with Carillion, Western Thermal manufactured a Koolduct ventilation system complete with a weather proof Aluzink cladding  which allowed the installation to be completed in one process minimising on space and allowing the works to be complete through the harshest of winters when traditional systems would have been on stop.

Client: Carillion
Main Contractor: Carillion
Project Value: £550,000.00
Programme: August 2005 to April 2006