Western Thermal is pleased to announce that we are now members of the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (Eiif).


Western Thermal are members alongside many other industry leaders and suppliers alike.

Part of the membership gave us access to the unique “TIPCHECK” service and training that the foundation has pioneered throughout its existence.

We now have a fully certified “TIPCHECK” engineer within our Organisation.

TIPCHECK surveys evaluate insulation systems on existing facilities, planned projects or retrofits and demonstrate how more efficient insulation could;

•    Save Energy
•    Save Money
•    Contribute to a cleaner environment CO2 emissions
•    TIPCHECKs contribute to energy management systems like ISO 50001
•    Process efficiency improvements
•    Safety risks to personnel

A TIPCHECK is not intended to be a full system analysis. However, it always tends to identify the spots bearing the highest energy saving potential and offering a rapid payback time of most often one year or even less.

The scope of a typical TIPCHECK usually includes un-­‐insulated lines, lines with damaged insulation and insulated lines.

As the greatest savings are found with un-­‐insulated parts, our Thermal Energy Auditing works harmoniously with our Metal Fabrication Shop and Insulation Jacket Manufacturing Workshop.

To book a Thermal Energy Audit or to discuss your requirements further, please contact our London Office.